Call for Papers: Special Issue on Applications of Artificial Intelligence in Financial Markets

Modern Finance invites researchers to contribute to a special issue dedicated to exploring the impact of ChatGPT, Large Language Models (LLM), and Artificial Intelligence (AI) on financial markets and industry. These advanced language models have demonstrated the potential to revolutionize financial interactions, decision-making processes, risk assessments, trading strategies, and customer engagement within the financial domain. We seek submissions on topics related to advancements, challenges, opportunities, and novel applications where these technologies intersect with finance.

Topics of Interest:

We invite submissions that explore various aspects of using ChatGPT, AI, and language models in financial markets, including, but not limited to:

  • Financial Market Analysis and Forecasting: NLP applications to interpret financial news sentiment, predict market returns and trends, price movements, and their impact on trading strategies.
  • Conversational AI in Financial Interactions: Utilizing chatbots and virtual assistants for enhanced customer engagement, inquiries, and support in financial services, investment, and banking.
  • Financial Advisory and Decision Support Systems: AI-driven investment advisory and portfolio optimization utilizing language models and natural language processing (NLP) techniques.
  • Risk Assessment and Fraud Detection: AI-based fraud detection and prevention mechanisms employing language-based anomaly detection.
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting: Automation of regulatory compliance processes and reporting through the use of language models and NLP.
  • Ethical and Societal Implications: Addressing ethical considerations and responsible AI practices in deploying language models within financial contexts; Mitigating biases and

Submission Guidelines:

  • Manuscript Types: We welcome original research articles, review papers, case studies, and short communications.
  • Methodologies: Empirical, theoretical, computational, and experimental approaches, as well as interdisciplinary studies, are encouraged.
  • Diverse Voices: In alignment with MF's commitment to promoting diversity and inclusivity, we strongly encourage submissions from scholars based in Africa and those from underrepresented communities globally.

Why Publish in this Special Issue?

  • No Fees: We impose no submission, processing, or publication fees, promoting equitable access to publication opportunities.
  • Open Access: Widespread dissemination of your research through an open access policy.
  • Swift Peer Review: Benefit from a swift peer review process; we aim to make the first decision in no longer than 30 days.

Special Incentive for Early Submissions

  • As a token of appreciation for being part of our initial group of contributors, the first 15 papers accepted to the journal will be granted a reward of 100 USD.

Submission Deadline: 31 March 2024